The Miracle of the Weed Eater

It was an already hot early summer morning and our 14 year old grandson was helping my husband Rick by weed eating our vineyard.  Instead of hiring it out, Don told Jas he could earn the money for his basketball camp.  Jas was new to this endeavor but did a great job until mid-afternoon… when the machine stopped running.  Not wanting to feel inadequate (helping his Opa was a new venture) he tried and tried to restart the languid machine pulling the started rope as shown all to no avail.

Finally, he brought a broken machine to Rick.  He had pulled the starter cord to the end of the housing and there it lay long and limp.  Evidently, instead of realizing the tool had run out of gas… the efforts of trying to restart broke the retraction mechanism in the machine.  Rick who is mechanically inclined spent a good 45 minutes taking the thing apart, but the actual housing of the retraction mechanism was factory sealed requiring special tools to access – therefore, no luck.  Broken Unit

Saturday we bought a new unit… and Don told Jas, yes he could come again… On their way to our house after the Sunday morning message, Jas and Marie, his mom, were talking.  He felt really bad that the weed eater was broken; he planned on paying back the $200+ for the new unit. Marie agreed.  But, mentioned that they should lift this to Jesus in prayer and see if He would intervene.

Working in clearing the vineyard of weeds was completed.  A daunting job, but undertaken with determination that is bred within a soul that wants to do the job right and prove that it isn’t too much for a 14 year old.  To read more click here.


For more information on Jesus and His offer of Salvation Click here

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