An Introduction

Evidence of active participation and involvement in a crime has for years been documented through finger prints, now of course it is being augmented or supplemented by DNA evidence.  When looking at my life I have come to the firm conclusion that God, through the Holy Spirit has His “fingerprints” all over my life.  I see His touch and the “evidence” in so many large and small ways.  By enumerating where and how these touches have occurred in my life… I find encouragement.

I am ever so grateful to Evy Drey, my boss and mentor in the 1970’s , when I was a very young woman.   In our bi-weekly lunches, she would encourage me.  This  encouragement included the simple tool of journaling.  Under her guidance and advice, I journaled my prayers, concerns, and to be sure thanks for answered prayer.  She counselled that if prayers were not written down, how would I be able to remember and then most importantly – say thank you to our creator God.

Since people (including me) have a hard time seeing at work God in their lives, and since I need reminders…this blog addresses  the times and instances when God left a fingerprint.  Looking at details of my life I find evidence that my loving Creator has always been with me.

Like most lives, my life has had its twists and turns.  I was very fortunate that I grew up in a Christian (Catholic) environment and that I had the opportunity to know, love and trust God at an early age. This blog is not because I think I’m special, at least any more special than you. We are all special to our Creator God.  He loves each and every one… No exceptions.   I’m writing this because I am amazed at how special I am to Jesus.  That He would love me so very much to give His life for me and to also be involved with the core of my life.  I stand AMAZED!

Didn’t He create me and knit my bones together in my mother’s womb?  Didn’t He send His only Son to die on the cross for me?  So, why should I be surprised or amazed that His fingerprints are all over my life?  I know that I have always had a choice… God- or anything else; for me it has always been God and Jesus His son.

Never a doubt, never a question, well almost never…

We are fearfully made in our mother's womb...

We are fearfully made in our mother’s womb…

Click Photo for amazing You Tube video…

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