The Awefull Presence of God

Light         Being in the presence of the Living God… is and can be Awe-full, intimidating and      wonderful.  We hear and talk about getting to know God through our Lord Jesus Christ. We become comfortable in a relationship with the Son of God who has redeemed us through His love, grace and suffering. This is good. This is right. This is something that we should all pursue. However, coming into the presence of the Creator of the Universe is scary and wonderful at the same time. Entering in would be impossible without the cloaking of self in Christ.  It is He who washes and cleanses us of the sins we naturally trip into on a daily basis that allows us the privilege of coming into His presence without fear of judgement. It is when God reveals Himself that it gets interesting.

I can only liken it to being at ground zero during a thunderstorm with thunder booming overhead and lightning cracking at the very same instant. My heart trembles, my limbs quiver and my soul seeks God. The One with the power to keep me safe.

O Lord my God, You are very great:
You are clothed with honor and majesty,
Who cover Yourself with light as with a garment,
Who stretch out the heavens like a curtain.

He lays the beams of His upper chambers in the waters,
Who makes the clouds His chariot,
Who walks on the wings of the wind,
Who makes His angels spirits,
His ministers a flame of fire. (Psalm 104:1-4)

So it is when God draws near. There is a beauty so intense it could kill. There is power that reaches into the soul and could crush, the terrible BEAUTY of God fills and spills until this earthly form cannot contain it.  Our Father has shown Himself through Jesus His Son. He has shown himself loving, caring and ever present for His children to call upon.  So it isn’t a fear of God that restrains me, it is respect.  A healthy respect for a holy, mighty and just God.  One like no other.

When He recedes so we might yet live, there is a pang of sorrow amid the joy of the touch the closeness and knowing that one day, one day drawing away will not be necessary for life. We who know Him and have been born again through Jesus, will sojourn with the Creator our Father, Jesus the Son and the most Holy Spirit. How wonderful that day will be.  Until that day, I seek to know Him better trusting that the sweet presence of His Spirit will touch me again, and again…

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