He Meets Us When We Call to Him

Bible     It was a difficult time, a time of financial struggles for us.


The recession of the 80’s had worn us down.  We were in the process of closing our Real Estate Company, had taken over my dad’s small retail shop after his retirement trying desperately to make ends meet.  At church I had been worship leader for over two years, and at this time had made a two week commitment for early morning prayer time and bible study.


It was now towards the end of the two week period.  I was ready for it to be over. Getting up before dawn, when everyone slept was not my “cup of tea”.  It was hard enough to be up with the kids getting them ready for school.  Our daughter had to be up at 6 AM to catch a 7 AM bus for high school.  Our son’s bus was later so he didn’t rise until nearly 7 AM.  Instead of the 6 AM alarm waking me, the timer was set for 5.  A full hour before the rest of the household would awaken.

After silencing the annoying sound, I would wrap myself in a warm & fuzzy robe, stumble to the kitchen for a hot cup of tea and then coax my slippered feet up the stairs to the sanctuary of the family room.  There my bible waited.  The phone waited for me to call our pastor to check in, and then to call my prayer partner (accountability). Then it was time to pray for wisdom and guidance for the morning study.

This particular morning, it was very, very cold and I was sleepy and very tired.  Thoughts of my nice warm feather bed and sleeping husband were ever so enticing.  So I thought, “OK, I’ll get this out of the way quickly this morning… Read a quick verse… what ever the Lord gives me… and back to bed to snuggle and warm up!  So, as is my custom, I opened the Book and let the pages fall open for that quick word from the Lord (for the moment) skipping the normal study pages.

Then where my eyes landed … there I would start to read.  This morning my eyes “popped!”  I read (Mark 14:37-38) …Sleepest thou? Could you not watch one hour?…Watch ye and pray…” To me in echoing sounds Gods voice rang in my ears…Sleep NOT!”  Wow, now I was awake.  I fell on my knees and prayed.  I talked to God about all my concerns, the troubles we had… my concern over everything including my salvation… was I truly “saved”?  Was I truly His child? (Isn’t it just sometimes so difficult that all our sins are forgiven… That Jesus did this for me?  Satan, I believe, sends these doubts to trouble our spirits.  Knowing that we are not worthy of such love and forgiveness… We, any way I, would stumble in my faith of my salvation.)

Then I again opened the Book to read God’s word for me.

The pages opened to II Chronicles 7:15.  “Now mine eyes shall be open, and mine ears attend unto the prayer that is made in this place, for now have I chosen and sanctified this house, that my name may be there for ever: and mine eyes and mine heart shall be there perpetually.” (2-24-1986) Wow! Oh my God! I was exhilarated!! He really hears my prayers, He acknowledged that He hears my prayers and attends to them…. AndHe will be with me and “my house” always! It was a glorious morning…  BUT, HE WASN’T FINISHED YET…


The sun was just creeping over the horizon.  I stepped out on our upper deck and looked at the sky.  There were light clouds strewn across the entire heavens.  Rather grey… but then the sun started to touch them… at first a rosy hint of color. Then rosy turned into golden and all of a sudden the whole sky was awash in glorious color ever deepening glowing colors… and my heart was filled to bursting as the Lord spoke to my heart and said… “This is part of my ‘glory’”….  I looked at the Glory of the Lord, finally I turned away saying… my heart will burst if I look upon the Glory of the Lord for any longer, and at the same time feeling immediate sorrow at the loss. This was a most dramatic encounter with the awesome presence of the Lord my God as He filled me to overflowing – to the point where I thought my heart would burst, it could hold no more.  In the days and years since this encounter with the “Glory of the Lord” I continually scan sunrises to see if I can again see such a sunrise… Never, never have I seen a sunrise such as this…All beautiful, some spectacular, but not one as incredible or touching; always they are a testament to the morning God reassured me and made His promise to not just me, but my “house” -my family.

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