Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

grievingSometimes I wonder, why do hurtful things happen to people, good loving and kind people? Why are there deaths, accidents, illness, and financial disruptions? Why are God’s children plagued by divorce, daily kid challenges and just the daily life “stuff” of brokenness and disruptions?
We live in a broken world. Yet, we are children of an amazing God who has bought our salvation through grace by none other than His Son,Jesus. Yet, even as I bring my best to the table for the Lord, and He says “well done”… there comes another “hurt” or “diversion”. Something goes “array”. Why?
This morning I tackled some delayed and needed gardening… We have over 30 rose bushes on our property. The blooms have faded and after the spring rains they have gone “wild”.

While pruning I was thinking about my friend who recently lost her son to a motorcycle accident. During this quiet time, God spoke to me in that still small voice…
He said “Pruning comes into all lives. Especially into the lives of those I love. Just as you are pruning the roses you so enjoy, so I prune in the lives of my children.”

It made perfect sense. I prune my roses. As I cut away the bloomed roses. I cut out the “suckers” and cut back unchecked growth. I know that by doing this I extend not only the the blooming season but improve the quality of the blossoms. I will continue to have healthy beautiful, long stem roses for months. – If I prune.

Rose in Full Bloom
So it seems it is with God. He prunes our lives and takes away, or allows negative (for us) things to happen so that we will bloom again. His pruning also puts direction into our lives. Just as in pruning I change the direction of my roses growth.

He said “I am the vine. You are the branches. Those who live in me while I live in them will produce a lot of fruit. But you can’t produce anything without me. (John 15:5)

The Lord’s order in our world changes not. We as His children must be pruned by their loving creator to produce the “good fruit” or the beautiful blossoms, which He knows will result from the pruning.

It is part of growing in the knowledge of and love of God and His Word. Pruning and blessings both come into our lives through the grace of the Lord. With our well being in the mind the Master who wants all to come to know Christ Jesus as the Lord and Savior, brings both blessings and pruning’ s. It is the pruning that strips away our ungodliness, our self-centeredness our egotistical and prideful lives.

What is pride??? Times when we feel… WE have done it! I have been successful, I have accomplished… I, I, I….. During pruning, our soul realizes… it is not “I” it is He… that is where the focus lies. Just like the Israelites who after entering the promised land pulled away from God and declared themselves victors… Yes, it was true they “walked” out of Egypt… But, it was the Lord that prevailed in- Pharaoh setting them free and it was the Lord that opened the sea and the Lord that….. The Lord that , the Lord…

Moses parting the sea

None of us wants pruning, asks for pruning (even when we pray for direction) pruning is a painful process…

Painful, though it may be… there is the promise of fulfillment… the promise of life everlasting and most of all… if we listen… the closeness of God.

May god richly bless you… especially through the times of pruning… for our greater glory.

2 thoughts on “Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

  1. I think everyone should have a garden to tend, the reason being, there are so many spiritual parallels. When I don’t spend enough time tending to my garden, and the vines begin to wander and twist around plants and choke them out. So are we when we don’t spend enough time with our Lord. The world chokes us and begins to consume us and we need to be redirected. When I pull out the weeds, rake fallen leaves, and trim off dead blossoms, the Lord speaks to me about how He does the same sort of things in the garden of our lives. Our Gardener, Jesus, pulls out the weeds in our life (bad influences, harmful people, or situations), cleans out the garbage in our minds that falls upon us on a daily basis, and prunes us after times of growth so we will grow even stronger. This can be a painful and unpleasant process that occurs in our life. But, it is only then that people notice the beauty of Christ blossoming in our lives!

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