Where Feet May Fail

ocean_waves_207578Recently the music by Hillsong  (click here Oceans -Where Feet May Fail to play music)   Oceans showed me where I was during my husband’s illness… There are times when we have to walk our path … seemingly alone even with the support of loving family helpers. There are those times and moments when we are alone to “deal” with thoughts, fears, emotions and no one person can truly help. Only Jesus our Savior can walk with us.. at our side and be there. Really be there as our spirit prays…

Without the Lord in my heart it would have been impossible to walk upon these waters…

It was early afternoon on a hot and sunny June day when my husband finally admitted that he was really sick. It was time to go to ER, he had difficulty in walking and breathing… Then realized he couldn’t walk or even get up out of the chair. This man who had been a runner… never sick, always strong even during some of the previous medical challenges… I was called out on the waters..

HE was always in shape, a rock, and therefore above sickness and needing to see a doctor. What now? The medics were great and got him over to ER in no time… scans, tests, x-rays… double pneumonia… hospital admission… In the quiet of my heart my spirit prays…

He was getting very, very little air… could hardly talk and was so very weak. Surgery for draining chest tubes, over two weeks for lungs to drain, hospital food, blood transfusion… finally home again. Lack of sleep, but learning the routine of how to care for someone that is “down” bed ridden. Whispered prayers in the night… Encouraging readings from God’s Word during the quieter times during the days… In the quiet of my heart my spirit prays…

Now away from the hospital with the constant comings and goings of nursing staff, orderlies, and doctors. What now? Alone to cope and to find solutions. Where to find a good doctor for the ongoing diagnosis and healing? Home yes, but… so weak and getting weaker even though breathing is back. In the quiet of my heart my spirit prays…

Friends recommendation… 60 day wait.. Can’t do that… in wheelchair can’t walk or stand… In the quiet of the days my heart breaks… Back to the phone to advocate… down to the kitchen to rustle up something that might tempt the appetite… Set up the bedroom to serve all needs a comfortable chair to roll into, a small table for meals… and always be there… In the quiet of my heart my spirit prays…

Will this get better? How can it get better? What has to happen for life to get better for him? Lord, I need You… as I cook, as I tidy up, as I wait on the phone, as I search the internet for options/doctors… In the quiet of my heart my spirit prays…

Appointment set, 60 days… on cancellation list… now 1 week… Found a pickup service that will come into home and load hubby in wheelchair into van… Relief! Thank you Jesus!

Stage 4 non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, cancer… Referral to oncologist… HOPE. Start of treatments… How difficult to watch a loved one undergo treatments. How difficult to find things he can eat… Cook… start over… Heart melts at sight of drooping head on chest of this once mighty rock of a man… In the quiet of my heart my spirit prays… and grows stronger

Things begin to get better. Improvement. Managing medications… getting better. Oops, set back… In the quiet of my heart my spirit prays… and grows stronger…ocean_wave_swim_270695

“They that wait upon the Lord…shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” The promise we stand upon…” Isaiah 40:31 “

Today he is in remission. Without the double pneumonia it would have been Stage 5 before diagnosis and perhaps too late… It is only through the Lords loving care and His Spirit that I had the ability to walk on these waters and in trust… and faith to believe that all would be well.  I was made stronger… I had to keep my eyes above the waves…

2 thoughts on “Where Feet May Fail

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  2. Jehovah Rapha, God is our healer! Thank you Father God for your Faithfulness in healing my dad. There was a day I thought we were losing him. .. BUT GOD! Thank You Jesus he is well today and in remission. To God be ALL the glory!

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