“It’s OK mom… now I know God really is in control.

It has been over 18 years ago, yet the days the feelings are etched in my heart – as though they were yesterday. My son and daughter-in-law supporting each other in the hospital corridor … the grief of knowing I cannot quiet their pain.

often we do not see God at work until the testing comes

Roll back the years to our son’s Jr. year in high school, football, weight training and a shoulder that just plain would work no more. What was wrong? The doctor’s x-rays showed an abnormal bone growth and in hushed tones he mentioned to me that we would need to schedule a full body MRI to be sure that this type of “abnormality” wouldn’t be found in any other bones.

The 45 minute ride home was very quiet as we were both absorbed in our own thoughts… Terror, rippled down my spine and through my bones as I visualized my only son … Bone cancer is what the doctor had so quietly mumbled, hoping that Richard wouldn’t hear. But he had heard and through the soft hum of tires on the freeway said, “Mom, I just hope that I don’t light up like a Christmas tree when they do that test next week.” This was sure to be a long week end. The Friday doctor’s visit was over, a long week end of wondering and concern lay on the horizon. Monday we should expect a call to schedule an immediate MRI. The doctor had been very clear that there should be no delay.

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